Our current projects:

We are delighted that our first project was a partnership with ‘Hamara School’, an educational institution for underprivileged children in Goa.

The school is an informal teaching institution and takes care of 80+ children of construction workers, migrants and other low-income families by overseeing their educational needs. Most children live in nearby shanties but come to the ‘school’  before their own formal school begins for the day.  There are also about 40 children who live in a hostel in the premises. At Hamara school (meaning “Our School” in Hindi) lessons are revised, homework is looked at, problems are sorted. The children are also given meals and help with hygiene. Violin classes began in January 2010.

We were delighted to introduce flute/recorder lessons in 2011 as well. Some of the recorder girls have now moved on to transverse flute. A Cello project with 9 children began in September 2014 at Hamara School. Two children are now learning clarinet (September 2015)

Our other projects in Goa:



* Our recorder project for over 80 children at Auxilium school, Caranzalem has now concluded. 

* Violin and Viola lessons at Auxilium school, Caranzalem (June 2014)



* A new village project has been launched in Santa Cruz village, near Panjim in August 2015. We are currently offering violin, recorder/flute, piano and choir.


* Recorder/Flute lessons with  Mitsuko Trust, a charity that educates children about their rights (since June 2012). This project has currently concluded.


* Violin lessons at Auxilium school, Aldona for around 45 children began in January 2013. It is temporarily on hold since April 2015 as we don’t have a teacher at the moment for that location.


CAMERATA CHILD’S PLAY INDIA : In 2013, we launched Camerata Child’s Play, our chamber ensemble made up of young local musicians and advanced children of Child’s Play. Since April 2013, Camerata has performed over 16 concerts including at the prestigious Monte Music Festival in Goa.

JUNIOR CAMERATA CHILD’S PLAY: In 2015, our children’s orchestra made its debut. With over 60 children playing violin, viola, cello and flute, the orchestra is a wonderful (and rare) opportunity for children to experience the joy of making music together.