Visitors in 2012!

We were privileged to have many musicians visit us in 2012. Most of them visited the children at Hamara School, played for /with them and taught them a trick or two.

Heartfelt thanks to:

The Top Dog Brass Band from Dresden who gave us a stunning, impromptu performance at Hamara School; soprano Patricia Rozario who did a benefit concert for Child’s Play (along with Susanna Hurrell, Joanne D’Mello and Mark Troop); classical guitarist Pedro Rodrigues who enthralled us with his beautiful music and then went beyond the call of duty and donated all the proceeds from his guitar masterclass to Child’s Play and if that wasn’t enough, he happily performed for our World Busk event too; Owen Dalby and Meena Bhasin of ACJW, Carnegie Hall, Robert Mende, Bassoonist Stuart Potter and Clarinettist Akihide Noguchi who not only gave us a workshop, did a demonstration for our children but also performed at the inaugural Children’s Lit Fest in Goa!


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