A Midsummer Night’s Dream


As part of our ongoing music education series, Child’s Play, in association with the Fundacao Oriente, recently organised a screening of the ballet version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

On Saturday evening, a motley crowd of young children (ranging from 3-15) and their parents trooped into the Fundacao premises in Panjim all excited about the screening. Our project director, Dr Luis Dias, preceded the screening with an informative presentation about the play, the characters, the music and the interesting journey from Shakespeare to Mendelssohn to the choreographer George Ballanchine whose beautiful and graceful moves made the ballet a treat to watch.

Music knows no boundaries and this was evident by the way even the youngest children in the audience sat enraptured by the dancing. The Donkey, of course, drew lots of giggles from the young and old alike.

Stay tuned for future screenings and talks. If you would like a talk to be held at your organisation (schools, colleges, work-place etc), please contact us.

Next event: World Busk (Saturday June 16) at Literati, Calangute. Join us at Literati for our third year participating in the World Busk event. Some of the children in our project will be performing along with seasoned performers.


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